Sunday, January 26, 2020 - 20:36

The EU-Australia Leadership Forum project was launched in late 2016 with two consecutive events hosted on opposite sides of the world. Between then and the project's close in early 2020, the project held two highly successful Leadership Forum events, conducted three sectoral policy workshops, facilitated a range of stakeholder awareness, alumni and media events, and published a suite of publications on the EU-Australia relationship.

These activities were successful in directly engaging more than 500 people through events, and many tens of thousands through social media and other promotional channels. You can read more about the project’s legacy in our third and final publication entitled The EU-Australia Leadership Forum: Impact and Outcomes which has been released today.

The publication features remarks and reflections from key project stakeholders in Europe and Australia on the legacy of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum. These are followed by a summary of all project events and outcomes that have taken place since the project’s 2016 launch. It concludes with an analysis of survey data on the personal impact that the project has had on its participants.

Click here to download: The EU-Australia Leadership Forum: Impact and Outcomes

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