Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 01:57

The official summary report of the 2018 EU-Australia Leadership Forum is now available. The document captures the outcomes of the formally reported aspects of the 2018 joint Senior and Emerging Leaders Forum and includes the summary recommendations from the Senior Leaders Forum roundtable discussions.

The prestigious event took place in Brussels in November 2018 and was the second of two such forums, held under the auspices of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum project. 

Over a period of five days, senior and emerging leaders representing government, business, media, education and civil society shared their views on areas of critical importance to the EU-Australia relationship and identified a range of policy recommendations for future consideration, many of which are articulated in the forum report.

In addition to the official summary of the event, the 2018 group of EU-Australia emerging leaders have independently worked to discuss, refine and consolidate their own ideas on how to grow and enhance the bilateral relationship. 

This work has culminated in the creation of a document entitled Recommendations on the future of EU-Australia relations. The document contains 46 recommendations on eight key topics including: the movement of people; the future of industry; environment, climate change and energy transition; women’s leadership in the EU and Australia; the risk of war; digitalisation, with a focus on privacy and data-protection; space cooperation; and the role of civil society in the EU-Australia relationship.

Both reports can be downloaded from the Resources page on the EU-Australia Leadership Forum project website.