Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 00:00

On 28 March 2017, the EU-Australia Leadership Forum held its first Sectoral Policy Workshop, which was on the subject of doing international development in a digital world.

The Policy Workshop saw discussion on the issue among EU and Australian experts from a variety of sectors including business, NGOs and government representatives. The two co-chairs, Chris Locke, the Founder of Caribou Digital and Claire Rogers, the Chief Executive of World Vision Australia, played a pivotal part in guiding the discussion.

The workshop was divided into two sessions with the first session discussing ‘Lessons from ICT for Development’ on how governments should take more investment risks in infrastructure and create digital identity in developing countries. The second session analysed the role of ‘Development in the Digital Age’ resulting in the necessity of supporting innovators locally through training and coaching, as well as offer opportunities for co-founding.

After the workshop six recommendations were presented to Director-General of the European Commission’s DEVCO, Stefano Manservisi.

The video footage below features interviews with participants Chris Locke, Co-Chair and Founder of Caribou Digital and Joseph Thompson of Aid:Tech.

Chris Locke, Co-Chair and Founder of Caribou Digital

Joseph Thompson of Aid:Tech